Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fried rice turns Korean

I don't know what to call this dish I made. It started with wondering what to do with leftover rice. I would personally not deal with white rice since I prefer brown rice over it, but I can't help but feel bad that it will go another day in the fridge.

For me, keeping rice stored in the fridge for days is the most despicable thing to do to food. Rice definitely tastes better freshly made, no matter what you do with it.

Anyway, I have white rice to eat. What should I do with it?

I also happened to be nursing a craving for anything Asian for two weeks now. All last week I desired for noodles--may it be Vietnamese pho, Japanese ramen, or Chinese, you name it.

I'm also cashless so a call to the nearest Japanese restaurant is out. Rice is defintely not noodles but beggars can't be choosers. So I rummaged thru the fridge and pantry and found soybean paste (doenjang as the Koreans call it, and I happen to have the spicy type too on hand), garlic, mushrooms and sesame oil. That was basically the ingredients of this slightly spicy treat.

I went on to saute the garlic and mushrooms and then added the ground pork. After a couple of minutes, I added some water and cooked the pork some more, lightly seasoning with salt and pepper. I thought the water will help make some sort of a sauce that will be easily absorbed by the rice. So far so good...:)

I realized that the ground pork wasn't enough when I was already done. So I went through the same process, and added it on top..:)

In hindsight I realized that this dish is somewhat like bibimbap with way fewer ingredients and no hot stone bowl to mix my ingredients up. All I had was a skillet pan and a stove. It's not gourmet or traditional Korean, and I need to work on my presentation for this dish, but heck it satisfied my craving for Asian food this week.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog Short # 1

Here I go again saying I should be eating more vegetables, but here I am gorging on pork and beef. My cravings hasn't really left me yet, and I really need to discipline myself.

Why are we always betrayed by our bodies?