Sunday, February 15, 2009


Designers are now honoring Barbie a month before her 50th birthday, according to this article.

I couldn't remember the first time I held my Barbie, but I know I've always had Barbie. I had twelve Barbie dolls, three Ken dolls, and four of the other characters. Barbie became Filipina donning Patis Tesoro's design, and I've had three of them. Barbie is ageless, despite stiff competition. A classic, yet versatile doll who manages to keep up with the times.

Well, at least for me.

Bratz may come and go, but Barbie will always have a place in my heart. She's the ultimate glamor girl, rockstar, maven, and veterinarian. She can do it all, and she represents how much the world has changed its attitudes with regards to women. Sometimes, for some of us, it takes something like Barbie to give that critical push and inspiration that we can be anything we want, as well as push us into harboring unhealthy attitudes towards ourselves.

Yet, she's just a doll.

I've always wondered how little girls play before Barbie came. Did they make believe scenarios of fame, perfection and imagination, or did they just sit their dolls down and sip make believe tea with them and gossiping? Did they roleplay with their Barbie becoming President, or make believe that they are housewives?

That goes to show how much CHANGE we've witnessed since Barbie came. Sales may say otherwise, but Bratz can't light a candle against Barbie. Not many people realize how much Barbie represents mankind and how much elegantly she bears various cultures with her bearing.

Wikipedia gave more insight on what I have already known about Barbie, and all the more gave credit to her influence in this world. I wish a very Fabulous and Happy Birthday to Barbara Millicent Roberts!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

On being a virtual writer

My Second Life avatar Isadora Fiddlesticks worked very hard on this latest issue of the most fabulous magazine in Second Life! In this issue, we tackled the many faces of collaboration in this online world. In these pages, a man travels from the US to the Philippines to be with his SL and real life love, two British friends make wonderful machinima (movies made in virtual worlds and games), and we write about a couple with a passion to make your pixel home beautiful and romantic through its furniture.

Doing things together is what drives Second Life, it makes the world go 'round. I love making this magazine not only because it enables me to write and live my dream, but it also enables me to work with people from around the world. I have coworkers, writers, and photographers from around the world, and we merge in this great online community to make something we all can be proud of.

So anyway, please browse around, read the articles, and hopefully, your perception of a virtual world/online game will change for the better.