Saturday, January 28, 2012

First attempt at Jap Chae (Korean Noodles)

I had a great time attempting my favorite Korean dish, which is Jap Chae. It's korean noodles in stir-fry carrots, spinach and scallions with soy sauce, some sugar and sesame oil. Best served with egg pictured...:)

The process is easy and doesn't take more than an hour once you are used to the process and have the recipe memorized by heart...:) I doubled the recipe that I found from my favorite Asian food blog Rasa Malaysia, which serves 2.

I'm trying my portion with a drop of chili oil, as I like a bit of heat to my food, not too bad for a first try. Definitely will be mastering this along with the bulgogi I have already tried.

I'll be trying Bibimbap next...:)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

dear self

Dear Self,

It has been a year of mixed blessings, with a LOT of trials, however you chose to put on your rose-colored glasses and sought to see the bright side of things. It wasn't easy, but it made you pray and reach out to your faith more. Many times before when you reach out, God was always there for you, and you were confident of His grace. The year that was managed to test that belief, and for a time, it shattered.

While He tested you on other things, rest assured He gave you much to be thankful for. Be thankful for that year, because it was when you have opened your heart fully, madly, and deeply to another person. You finally acknowledged your need for someone to love and stay with, you have him now and you will be spending the rest of your life with him.

So Self, 2012 will be an adventure filled with new experiences. Enjoy them, cherish them--AND please self, don't put on your rose-colored glasses too much this year so that you can still see everything as they are. You know the mixed dangers of putting on those glasses--it makes you blind to other areas, and almost got you sidetracked from your main goal of financial freedom. Thank goodness you've now learned not to keep them on too long before it damages other aspects of your life.

Self, continue to thrive on God's grace and believe on His promises. Don't let other things get in the way no matter what. If things get too difficult, ask help from friends and family you know won't lead you astray. They are God's tools to help you. Count your blessings and thank God for them.

Anyway Self, I could go on and on about how things should be--but that would take time. Time YOU DON'T ALWAYS HAVE. So with that, I end this letter of reflection and reminder, so that you can live it out. Try to be more organized ok? HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Love, Me