Wednesday, September 26, 2012

VIRTUAL FASHION (Second Life): Mish Mash

Sometimes I like to wander around the grid just to shop and hunt for great deals. Over the years, freebies in SL has become more and more accessible without any compromise to quality. Hunts are pervasive gridwide and is part of SL culture and exclusive Marketplace deals are every shopaholic's dream.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

virtual writings: AVENUE Magazine September 2012

Hello Everyone,

AVENUE Magazine released its new issue last week with my article on fashion icon Vikeejaeh Xevion. Miss Xevion was one Second Life's group of models that pioneered the way for more unique and diverse-looking avatars in the grid.

a friendly little announcement

I've decided to put all of my writings in one blog. From now on, my Second Life posts will be on my personal blog. I find it pointless and tedious to post in TWO blogs.

This is to also make a personal statement that I AM ME wherever I go. Miss Issy may dress better, wear more makeup, and roam around more often than Ismelina, but it's still the same brain, heart and soul that's writing.

From now on, posts are not displayed in whole, and to read, you need to click "Read More" to jump to the whole post.


virtual living: My day in Second Life

Second Life has a lot of fun and diverse activities to offer and yet offer something really riveting and profound for the mind. 

For instance, Monday morning PST, I went online to look around at the newly launched exhibit, "And So She Danced" by Kylie Sabra & Olympes Rhode. It was a lovely exhibit of photographs with charming subjects and lovely verses. Sabra and Rhode's works are both captivating and looking at their work was a delight for the eyes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

virtual life: interiors of my SL home

interiors by creme_brulee
interiors, a photo by creme_brulee on Flickr.
I'm a sucker for furniture and houses and I'm almost never without a home. I lived in many sims and experienced living in parcels big or small. I would stick to one kind of sim though, and that is of a beach theme. Perhaps its the Filipino sunlover in me, but I don't stay in the snowy mountains long.

Monday, September 10, 2012

social commentary ala issy: of tito sotto and our forgotten originality

I would tend to agree to the point that the internet age makes everything overblown. Sotto's plagiarism, though undeniably wrong, and his attitude, and our general reaction to it is, overblown. Yes what he did was wrong, we've embarrassed him already, he's shown his true colors about the situation, and in the process we discovered (or rediscovered) a lot of things about his past. I am sure because of what happened, most of us with our brains still working would decide to skip his name in the future polls.

But enough of kicking an already dead horse and let's move on....after this post, that is..:)