Wednesday, September 26, 2012

VIRTUAL FASHION (Second Life): Mish Mash

Sometimes I like to wander around the grid just to shop and hunt for great deals. Over the years, freebies in SL has become more and more accessible without any compromise to quality. Hunts are pervasive gridwide and is part of SL culture and exclusive Marketplace deals are every shopaholic's dream.

miamai amaria with gatcha freebie hair and hunt items by creme_brulee

Presenting this fabulous curly hair from emo-tions, this darling 'do is a bit similar to my hair in real life...:) It's a group gift that I grabbed while trying to do the Finding Fabfree Hunt, which is going to end the end of this month. 

Next is a cute mesh dress from Miamai, a special Marketplace only sale item. The Amaria in Pink costs 100L$, and it is a steal, considering its from one of SL's premier fashion houses. The dress looks a bit dark in this photo, because I took this photo in the docks outside where The Arcade gatcha was going on, and I kept the sim's windlight settings. 

Adorning my pretty pixel feet are shoes from [dirty little secret], one of the set of shoes that was set out as a hunt item for Finding Fabfree. The store is very generous and reasonably priced, and you can see the effort by the designer in making the items as nice as she can. I hope she improves on her skill some more...:)

Up close, you will find my avatar wearing PXL Creations' exclusive group gift item, Faith Pinkish. You need to pay 100L$ once to join this exclusive group to ensure you get the really nice items that Hart Larssen gives out.

I played the skin up further by adding Miamai's eyeliner # 5, which is one of the items I got from The Arcade Gatcha event. It's this latest gatcha event that practically everyone on the grid is getting into, and who could blame them? The event sells a lot of quality items from well-known designers and creators.

A pop of green from Chop Zuey, which is a jeweler in SL that is very much established, and this is one of the many shops I always want to buy something from. However for now I got this charming set of earrings, which is a Fabfree blog subscriber's gift.

Anyway, those are just some of the stuff I have been diving into Second Life. I have more photos and stories to tell, but my brain is sleepy, and I need to nap before I write once again....hope to blog many more stuff soon...:)

Thank you!
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