Saturday, October 13, 2012

virtual closet: Sam and Gia go on a danger zone by going tribal by the purple moon

Readers unfamiliar of my virtual clothing obsession won't have a clue of what's behind the title. It does really look like a racy title meant for a tabloid, and besides, I find it funny and you will probably like what I've put together this time.

In Second Life, I'm a writer for an amazing magazine that delivers really edgy fashion and interesting content, so I need to look the part, and in general, I've been trying to go a little bit further and daring in terms of outfitting my virtual self.

Perhaps I'm a little bit daring myself, which is why I like the idea of an avatar as an extension of myself so that I am still free to experiment and experience things that I may be limited to experience in "real life". It is October as well, and nearing Halloween, I thought to myself, why not start now?

As far as daring is concerned, LD Major, and its designer, Miss Ebony International herself, Vikeejeah Xevion is one whose style fit the description. I've been trying to get more items from LD Major ever since I bought that Mellow Peplum dress. I really like the texture selection Miss Xevion selects for her collection, it really pops out of you and screams at you: BUY ME.

This dress, called Danger Zone, did scream out at me when  I was looking around The Couturier Docks. It screamed that I need the dress to liven up my inventory, which admittedly, has been drab for a long time. Then like a rush of epiphany, I started to imagine that the Danger Zone dress would go along perfectly well with Truth Hawk's group gift; the adorable haircut called Sam, Purple Moon's edgy tribal earrings, and Kungler's Morgana shoes.

Anyway, I was sold to this fierce and fabulous item. However, my inventory is wanting of edgy makeup to match the outfit I had envisioned, but lo and behold *Gia* by LpD Makeup came to the rescue. The pale makeup was also for sale at The Couturier's Docks as well. I loved the glamour glitter and the modish feel it came with it, and as a whole made that outfit more daring.

What was not shown was this bangle I wore, I am not sure if it's still being sold, it was a bangle with a texture changer script, and it had a nice gold texture that went well with this outfit too.

I was really happy with the way this outfit came out. Looks like I'm finally learning how to have fun again on the grid.
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