Wednesday, September 12, 2012

virtual life: interiors of my SL home

interiors by creme_brulee
interiors, a photo by creme_brulee on Flickr.
I'm a sucker for furniture and houses and I'm almost never without a home. I lived in many sims and experienced living in parcels big or small. I would stick to one kind of sim though, and that is of a beach theme. Perhaps its the Filipino sunlover in me, but I don't stay in the snowy mountains long.

So here I am trying to make sense of my closet. Seems like Bonbon the dog is just as confused as I am with my closet!

Glitterati was generous to have this as a gift in their shop, and I grabbed it as soon as I found it featured in another blog. The poses are lovely, as well as the textures.

I've no mesh furniture yet, and most of my furnishing are from last year, with the exemption of the closet from Glitterati, the table lamps, and the desk and chair which is one of the latest from The Loft.

I'm going to share my past photos of my houses pretty soon just to share with you some of my tastes in interiors...:)

Thanks for reading!
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