Tuesday, September 18, 2012

virtual living: My day in Second Life

Second Life has a lot of fun and diverse activities to offer and yet offer something really riveting and profound for the mind. 

For instance, Monday morning PST, I went online to look around at the newly launched exhibit, "And So She Danced" by Kylie Sabra & Olympes Rhode. It was a lovely exhibit of photographs with charming subjects and lovely verses. Sabra and Rhode's works are both captivating and looking at their work was a delight for the eyes.

No event is complete without gifts, and this event is no exemption. I picked up a lovely gown that was a gift by Paris Metro Couture, whose textures were from one of Olympes works featured in the gallery.

Then I was one with shopaholics and gacha addicts at The Arcade Gacha Event. I managed to snag some items before I was invited to attend a talk in Mayo clinic's virtual conference space. I'm going to use some of them in an upcoming fashion/shopping post that I am composing on the side. Once I got the pictures ready, I will be ready to post again.

Anyway, Gentle Heron, my longtime contact and CEO of Virtual Ability invites me to a lot of compelling talks about various subjects. There are times that I can't attend, because of the time difference, therefore plenty of opportunities were missed to talk to the avatars of philanthropists, entrepreneurs, doctors, feminists, politicians, thought leaders, etc.

But now I'm still awake, and upon her invitation, I teleported over to watch a video streamed live of a talk from Mayo Clinic's conference center.  Here's what Gentle Heron gave for an introduction:

"Eve Ensler and Denis Mukwege, M.D., two world-renowned leaders in the fight to end violence against women in Republic of Congo, present TODAY, from 10am-11am PDT.

Ensler will share how Mayo Clinic has allowed her to continue her life’s work protecting women in the Congo.  Dr. Mukwege, a 2-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, will talk about his work at Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Congo, which also is dedicated to aiding female victims of extreme sexual violence."

Here's a screenshot of the talk, and the reactions of the people watching inworld:

Who would have thought, that a day that started with visiting art gallery exhibits, shopping and gacha random fun would end with a provoking message and a cruel reality check?

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