Wednesday, September 26, 2007


When i was younger (i am not that old), I never regretted much and fussed over what could have happened. I was more of the past is past kind of person, and that one's bad experiences can be a learning experience.

Yet, as one gets older (i am now in my late 20's), things and events to regret over are starting to pile up. It's not so high...yet, but I am concerned. I don't want to burden myself of such things early in life, not when I haven't had anything of major significance to regret over, just the usual things like:

  • having more time for my friends--having failed to support a friend while grieving over her father's death because time seemed to have flown by.
  • having saved earlier so that I don't have to have my current financial problem and I could probably afford buying those Josh Groban tickets without a major dent in my bank or credit card accounts.
  • wished I did not regressed to old habits in eating....darn that pancit palabok!
However, those things I am fretting over has obvious solutions, and I thank God that I am still young enough to do something about them. Probably writing them down will actually drive me to action:

  • Just be more aware on time.
  • Pay bad debt first
  • Just go back on a diet and try again
Oh well. Better to try and fail, than having not tried at all.
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