Wednesday, November 14, 2007

good bye midnight

Our black labrador retriever, Midnight died last night due to Pneumonia. He was 10 years old, in dog years, probably MUCH older.

My only regret is that i don't have much pictures of him, and we should have protected him more from certain ex house help who maltreated him. He had a permanent limp that bothers him whenever it is cold.


On the other hand, our adopted dog, Mojacko, who we found inside a sack almost for dead
, is very much healthy. This is him when he was a wee pup, freshly rescued from a watery fate. Mojacko is bigger than the rest of our two local dogs and reminds me of a huge version of a hyperactive, mask-wearing Milo (dog from the movie The Mask) . He is a handful, but I love that dog.
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