Wednesday, March 5, 2008

back to real life i go

So I haven't been posting.

It's not that I have been busy or anything, just nothing really interesting happens to me, at least, not directly.

Well, I got a new dog, a Shitzu named Ismero. The name is a combination of Isme (Ismelina) and Ero (Bisaya dialect of dog). My sister coined it and it stuck. Family business was in a turmoil again, when our cooperative decided to renege on us and steal 2 million pesos. After all the help and the business opportunity we gave them, and this is their payback?

It's as if I never learn that people can be inherently evil, but come to think of it, there are lots of instances in which I have directly learned about this, and yet I REFUSE TO SEE IT.

It's something that is impractical, to trust, and no surprise, I do it all the time.
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