Tuesday, March 17, 2009

REVIEW: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I love this book to pieces. It is very easy to read, with the contents great material for discussion. Gladwell's points of discussion in the book were very practical and it gave me a lot of A-HA moments. What struck me the most is on how success can be dictated by culture, as his chapter on Korean Air explains it. Imagine how my country can change if it goes beyond the social and cultural mores that oftentimes cripple the Philippines. The parts about the world's smartest man (I can't recall his name now) and his difficulties and Bill Gates' road to success are just as striking. Malcolm Gladwell writes and engages the reader into the two geniuses' world, in a way that I cannot help but feel sympathy to the poor genius' family. I have a relative who is very smart but is not really successful because he does not have the proper attitude and willpower. It goes to prove that just having the smarts won't necessarily get you to the road of success, but having the 10,000 hours of practice combined with opportunity and attitude that Bill Gates had will. I'm sure others reading this book will find more insights and will have their own A-HA moments, as I had mine with these particular parts of the book.
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