Saturday, April 10, 2010

Election craziness!

The Philippines will be having its national election a month from now, and with both LP and NP parties mudslinging reigning the tri-media and the internet, the two parties are destroying whatever respect we have left for the process called elections. Nobody in the leading parties bother to discuss their platforms and plans for the country. Sure they want to destroy corruption and poverty, but HOW exactly?

Like a house, a candidate aspiring for the highest seat in the country must have a solid foundation, this in the form of a good platform. But their campaigns are built on the sands of intrigue and hate.

All of us should wake up and review every candidate's platform, cover our eyes and ears from all intrigues and not entertain drama. The country's future is at stake here. What we need for this country is someone with a plan, one to UNITE us. Let's use our minds, hearts and faith to help us decide. We have a month to do so.

GMA's endorsements to whoever, traditional politics, surveys, and drama aside, let's look into the heart of what the election is all about: THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB TO RUN THIS COUNTRY. There are 10 (according to COMELEC's ballot) people running for presidency, and surely there's someone who is BEST equipped to lead the nation.

All me and everybody else supporting Sec. Teodoro are seeing is his clear platform, positive campaigning, and his desire to unite the country to focus on solving problems together. Sec. Teodoro is a nice man with a plan, a vision and a platform--something both neither Noynoy Aquino nor Manny Villar have clearly explained to the nation.

G1BO's campaign had been simple, positive and gentlemanly from the start. Sec. Teodoro may not have played his cards the way ordinary people would expect him to do, but to our eyes and his, he is doing the right thing. That is the most refreshing aspect about him. Nobody else in this election has a campaign as objective and straight to the point as his.

Most networks don't cover what his Green Team has been doing for the past few months for his campaign. Their fervor, respect, enthusiasm, and knowledge on G1BO's platform is admirable. What the media tend to focus on are the campaigns of who happen to be the top two in surveys, and the most creating drama and distraction. Let's not be distracted by DRAMA. Let's not be distracted by issues of GMA wanting to stick to power by choosing to run for Congress, or if she is secretly endorsing Villar, or whatnot. These are smoke and mirrors, meant to distract us from the real scenario at stake here.

The country has deeper issues, and nitpicking on G1BO's perceived wrong decision to stay in the party shouldn't be an issue here. The issue at hand is if he has a good, solid, and realistic plan for the country, and he has. He knows this country well, he wants to make us grow and prosper.

My choice aside, out of the two leading in surveys, there are still 8 people probably worthy for the job. One of them for me is Gilbert Teodoro, but for everybody else who are still undecided, or is doubting their candidate, review all candidate's platforms, what their plans are and choose from there. Your personal discernment and belief in your candidate trumps any survey numbers out there.
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