Sunday, June 13, 2010

Virtual Writeups: June

Here is my monthly writing for AVENUE Magazine, a magazine for the virtual world of Second Life(R). I also manage the magazine's day to day activities, assigning articles, guiding staff, and ensure that they submit on time. Since it's a sideline for most people, including me, we have a wide window of time to do our work and submit them, and I try not to pressure everyone too much. If an assignment has no way of being done in time, it's set for the next issue.

So far, managing a virtual magazine has been a really challenging exercise--managing 40-50 people from all over the globe, emailing them and doing research for content is very rewarding and helpful in getting my feet wet as far as writing and publishing is concerned.

Right now, I'm starting to get ready for our big project: a real life publication of the magazine to be distributed in August at the Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) that will be held in Boston, MA. It's a yearly event where people get to meet up fellow "residents" in the flesh to socialize, network, and discuss business, fashion, fun, and arts in the virtual world. I haven't had a chance to go there yet, but I am very thrilled at the fact that my output is being read by people from all over the world who will be attending the event.

It will be the second time that we will be doing this, the first time was such a success that the organizers decided to have us for another run...wish us all luck that we make it better than the last...:) Here's our first attempt:

I have a copy of the magazine at home, where I like to look at it once in a while, smiling, and thinking at how a "game" can make me write once again. If only people understand...:)
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