Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Population control i

Population control is really a balancing act. Some countries get it right and some countries get it wrong. Countries like Japan struggle with supporting their elderly because there are now too many of them and not many can support them through their taxes. Same with some EU countries, whose elderly are now going back to work to support themselves. There is a reason why some people don't like us to control the population because they are afraid that what is happening to these countries will happen to us, but they are wrong. I really think it's about time that we try to curb our population because there are just too much of us to handle! How can our government at its current state support ALL of us with the kind of taxes they are collecting? The church should keep its distance and let the gov't implement methods to curb the population because firstly, it doesn't contribute to the country in terms of taxes, and secondly, there are more problems that need to be addressed by them. As with everything, there is a season and a reason for everything, and population control has its seasons. It's time we control it so that our government can properly give us the services we need and expect from them. Corruption alone is not the only reason why the gov't is having such a hard time. Our increasing population has a share in it as well.
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