Monday, January 21, 2013

Adventures in the Kitchen: Carbonara

So last Saturday I decided to make "carbonara". Utilizing quotation marks as this dish was in no way done like the way Italians do their Carbonara-- as in prepared with egg and just a lot of tossing.

My version involves bacon, cream of mushroom, parmesan cheese, butter, milk, lots of garlic, salt and italian herbs. The kind of pasta can either be the spaghetti or the flat fettucini.

I have a habit of changing things up when it comes to the cream of mushroom, sometimes I would use the Knorr brand that comes in a pack and in powder form. But this time, I used the Campbell's brand that came in a can. Another different thing I did was to really toast the bacon and Darin off its fat. Then I would use the fat left on the pan to sauté the button mushrooms and garlic.

I use about half of the cream of mushroom, then some milk, Parmesan cheese, then season it with salt and Italian seasoning. I let it simmer until it becomes a sauce, or if not, I thicken it with flour and water.

When you plate the dish, you add parsley as a garnish and place the bacon on top. Sprinkle more Parmesan cheese.

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