Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why You do What You Do

"WYD, Why You Do What You Do, is a show that aims to inspire and motivate YOU to do what YOU want to do. The show does this by featuring artists, entrepreneurs and organizations that have transformed an idea into reality out of their passion for a certain craft. WYD believes in the intersection of YOUR passion and social responsibility." --About WYD

The website made a video featuring Carlos Celdran, a very cool guy who makes our country very special and interesting to tourists. I've always admired tourist guides, or people like Carlos for they have a God-given responsibility to the country they are working for. Passionate and only seeks to make Manila better, Carlos Celdran makes tours extraordinary, letting you peek into the Manila you never knew and appreciated.

Stumbling upon this site and watching the video made me think about my goals and dreams moving forward. While the dream life I keep on seeing in my dreams may not be paved of gold and money, I certainly want to live comfortably. There are certain lifestyles that I am used to, and considering current circumstances, I cannot afford to be picky with the kind of jobs I get either. The bills must be paid, and I need to take accountability of my financial mistakes as I am already a burden to family.

It is common knowledge that sacrifice will make your dreams a reality, but it is easier said than done. When all comfort is known already, one hesitate before making that proverbial leap of faith. We have this difficulty of leaving the nest, our comfort zones, in order to find our bliss. Sometimes, in order to push ourselves to go and pursue that bliss, we need to have something catastrophic to happen.

Yet we see and hear people who are successful anyway without going through all that diversity and animosity. How does that make one motivated? Life isn't really fair isn't it? However I must not whine because I am still lucky no matter what, besides, whining is for losers....and I should think like a winner.

But I still whine...and I want my cheese with it too.
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