Thursday, July 12, 2012

Me in Second Life circa 2007
The virtual world of Second Life is where I write and let my hair down. I've been a "resident" for a little over five years and it's the only virtual world I go to. The people here are just like you and me, albeit more creative and more able to make use of the platform for their own benefit.

It is here where you can literally make your own world, make your own paradise, and make unique and new art. As one whose preference is chronicling and looking at art installations in SL, I've witnessed new art forms spawn out of this platform. It is here where we are equally given a blank canvas to start something.

In the atomic world, it is a fact that you get scammed. Alas, scams are also prevalent here the pixelated world. The evil acts of people always make its way to the online world. Years back, I was also scammed out of my own magazine business. My magazine would've been one of the pioneers, and I had grand plans for my little magazine. It was my pride and joy, but a so-called virtual media mogul ruined it for me. If it weren't for AVENUE Magazine, I wouldn't be writing again.

Thus I understand Gala Phoenix's pain. I understand how painful it is to be scammed and not have profit over something that you have worked on. People may not know a lot about virtual content creation and how one makes money out of something that is only real in your computer, however, the EFFORT, TALENT and TIME spent is REAL. The delight one takes at consuming and appreciating one's talent is also priceless. If people would only read about the facts about virtual world economics and how such can fuel a country like North Korea and China, they would look at people like us differently.

People in platforms like Second Life are not extra bad or morally corrupt. They just have a new medium to lash out their darkness and take advantage of this free-for-all environment online.

Whoever is controlling Hush Darkrose is a scammer and is out not just to ruin a very talented content creator but rob Phoenix of her REAL LIFE INCOME. In this period where jobs and income are precious, we need to protect people like Gala Phoenix because she is working really hard at her business. It may not be a "normal" mom and pop shop, but its an opportunity nonetheless.

This person controlling Hush Darkrose is selfish and morally corrupt. The reproach towards this person should not only exist in the SL community, but outside it. I am writing this post as myself, not behind my avatar because something like this poses REAL danger to people who are trying to make things work for them. It's not everyday that you get a chance like Phoenix's that works well for her.

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